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Visualization Tips to Help Manifest Your Goals & Dreams

You have big goals & dreams right, but sometimes that’s all they seem like… dreams.  But, do dreams really do come true?  YES!  And, you can help out the process by using visualization as a tool.  What is visualization?  It’s the practice of imagining what you want to achieve in the future, as if it were true today.

Visualization TipsNeville Goddard said “All you can possibly need or desire is already yours. You need no helper to give it to you; it is yours now. Call your desires into being by imagining and feeling your wish fulfilled. As the end is accepted, you become totally indifferent as to possible failure, for acceptance of the end wills the means to that end. When you emerge from the moment of prayer, it is as though you were shown the happy and successful end of a play although you were not shown how that end was achieved. However, having witnessed the end, regardless of any anticlimactic sequence, you remain calm and secure in the knowledge that the end has been perfectly defined.”

When first beginning your visualization practice, it might be a little difficult.  To help things out a bit, try doing one or all of the following things first:

  • Make a list of everything in your life that you’re grateful for (people, animals, places, things, experiences, etc.)
  • Make a list of all of the things you want
  • Write down the person who you want to be and things you want to be doing as that future self

These lists will help get your brain’s creative juices flowing.  Children play make-believe all the time, but it gets a little harder as adults when we’ve been programed by the people and experiences we’ve had throughout our life.  Keep these lists handy to read through before your visualization practice.

Visualizing just before going to sleep &/or as soon as you wake up will be the most powerful, since your brain is most likely in the alpha state.  You can also pair your visualization practice with your daily meditation &/or prayer practice for even better results.

When you lay down to visualize, try thinking of one particular experience you want to have (traveling somewhere specific, in your dream home with people you love, speaking on stage at a specific event, receiving an award, etc.).  Think of looking around at your surroundings, including the people, things, etc.  What will you hear and what conversations will you have?  What will you be smelling, tasting, feeling, etc?  Try using all of your senses to really put yourself in that place & time.  What are you feeling in that moment?

Don’t be hard on yourself if you’re not able to visualize right away.  It takes practice and even after practice, it’s not always perfect.  I actually recently learned that people who literally cannot visualize at all have something called aphantasia.  If this is you, no problem.  You can focus on your other senses, besides vision, to still have a similar experience, such as feeling, hearing, touch, taste, & smell.

Most people just need to keep practicing to improve & strengthen their visualization skills.  Just keep practicing, just keep practicing…

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