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Meet Carrie Marie Vaughn:

Your Partner in Holistic Wellness, Faith, and Purpose

🌱 What I Do

  • Holistic Support: Guided by faith, I focus on the mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being of moms.
  • Purpose-Driven Resources: Whether it’s a wellness podcast or affirmation book, each tool aims to help you discover and fulfill your unique purpose.
  • Community & Courses: Find spiritual and emotional support through coaching, retreats, and group sessions.
  • Free Challenges: Dive into topics like faith, self-care, and holistic wellness with our engaging, community-focused challenges to help you grow.

✨ Why Choose Building Upward?

Rooted in faith, I combine my expertise in holistic wellness with a passion for empowering you to find and live into your unique purpose. Together, let’s set a new standard in faith-driven wellness, happiness, & abundance!

Carrie Marie Vaughn holding Mom Mantras book

Mom Mantras; The Daily Affirmation Guide for Mothers of All Kinds

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Latest News

Worthy Within: Embracing Your Self-Worth

What does it mean to be worthy? For many of us, self-worth is something we grapple with regularly. We may find ourselves questioning our abilities or feeling unworthy of success and happiness. But here’s a truth worth remembering: you are inherently valuable. Your worth doesn’t depend on accomplishments, appearances, or comparisons. Instead, it’s something intrinsic that deserves nurturing. Understanding Self-Worth: The Journey Starts Within Self-worth is the deep-seated belief that you are deserving of love, respect, and good things in […]

The Power of Pause: Incorporating Mindful Breaks to Enhance Productivity

In our relentless pursuit of productivity, we often forget the paradoxical power of taking breaks. Mindful pauses can significantly boost both your mental clarity and your output. Here’s how you can harness this power: Understanding the Need for Breaks: Our brains aren’t designed for extended periods of concentration. Studies show that brief diversions vastly improve our ability to focus on tasks for prolonged periods. Types of Mindful Breaks: Mini Meditation and Deep Breathing: Spend 5-10 minutes in meditation or practicing […]

Time Well Spent: Secrets to Effective Time Management Without the Stress

Mastering time management is essential, not just for productivity but for maintaining peace of mind. Here are strategies to manage your time effectively without adding stress to your life: Establish Clear Priorities: Understand what truly matters by setting clear priorities. Use tools like the Eisenhower Box or the book Eat that Frog to distinguish between urgent and important tasks, and focus on what advances your goals. Batch Similar Tasks: Group similar tasks together to streamline your workflow. This reduces the […]