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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What products do you recommend to improve gut health?

    We highly recommend the LivOlogy gut health system that is designed to help jumpstart you on your journey to healthy weight goals, among many other noticeable benefits like better sleep, less bloat, elevated mood, increased energy and mental clarity throughout your day, as well as MORvida, a drink made from the world's most nutrient-rich plant, containing 92 nutrients. These are available together in the LAB Fitness Bundle.

    How do I know what program & products are best for me?

    To determine the best programs & products for you & your needs, it's best to schedule a consultation so that we can go over all of your goals.

    How long are your podcast episodes?

    Each episode is only around 30 minutes, which makes it easy to listen while you're driving, folding laundry, or going for a walk!

    How can I become your partner?

    To determine if becoming a partner will be a good fit, please visit the Work With Us page, or send a message so that we can discuss this together.

    How can I buy your Mom Mantras book?

    The book has not released quite yet, but will be available very soon. Visit the Books page to sign up to receive release notifications as well as some motivation & inspiration!

    Feel free to contact us to schedule a consultation or ask a question!