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December Podcast Episode Recap

In December, the Holistic Mama Speaks Podcast featured three amazing guests: Health Enthusiast, Dawn Jenkins, talks to us about what happens to our body & cells as we age and how redox signaling molecules can help!  RN, MSN, RNFA, & Vedic Master Educator, Debbie Cassidy, talks to us about what happens to our body when we meditate and walks us through a meditation together!  Therapist, Yoga/Mindfulness Teacher, & Mental Health Consultant, Jessie Everts, talks to us about how you can implement certain things into your life to feel better & more like yourself after having a baby and being a mom!

Listen, to not only learn about what they’re doing to help people, but to also learn holistic tips & techniques that you can integrate into your own life.  You can listen on Apple, Spotify, Google, & Amazon!

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