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Mom Mantras Book Relaunch Team

Thank you so much for expressing your interest in being a part of my relaunch team!
I’m thrilled to have you on board. 😊

My relaunch team has three awesome levels, each with its unique way of contributing to the book’s success:

Level 1 – Super Star Supporters 🌟

These amazing individuals will be the first to grab a copy of the newly relaunched book in hardcover or paperback format at a temporary reduced price. After receiving their book, they’ll leave a review on Amazon (and if they can include photos or a video, that’s a bonus!). Additionally, they’ll help spread the word about the book on social media, creating a buzz that can’t be ignored. As a token of my appreciation, all Level 1 Star Supporters will receive a special thank-you gift from me for their loyal support. Your backing is not only helping me but also ensuring that this book reaches the hearts of more moms who need to hear this message.

Level 2 – Super Fans 💫

Super Fans are eager to grab the book in hardcover or paperback format at the special relaunch price, just like Level 1. They’ll also leave a review on Amazon, and if they can share photos or a video, that’s fantastic! They’ll be instrumental in building up the book’s reputation and impact. Super Fans will also receive a thank-you gift as a token of my appreciation for their support.

Level 3 – Ultimate Supporters 🚀

Our Ultimate Supporters are here to make the relaunch a resounding success. They’ll be among the first to secure their copy of the book in any format, including e-book, at the exclusive relaunch price. While they won’t be required to leave a review, their purchase alone is a significant show of support that helps me reach new heights. Ultimate Supporters will also receive a thank-you gift from me to show my gratitude.

Feel free to choose the level that suits you best, and know that your contribution, no matter which level you choose, is invaluable to me.

I can’t wait to embark on this exciting journey together! Let me know which level you’d like to be a part of in the form below (so that I have your contact info to send you your gift(s)), and I’ll provide you with all the details once the book has officially relaunched. Thank you for being a vital part of my relaunch team!