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9 May

Worthy Within: Embracing Your Self-Worth

What does it mean to be worthy? For many of us, self-worth is something we grapple with regularly. We may find ourselves questioning our abilities or feeling unworthy of success and happiness. But here’s a truth worth remembering: you are inherently valuable. Your worth doesn’t depend on accomplishments, appearances, or comparisons. Instead, it’s something intrinsic that deserves nurturing. Understanding Self-Worth: The Journey Starts Within Self-worth is the deep-seated belief that you are deserving of love, respect, and good things in […]


29 Apr

The Power of Pause: Incorporating Mindful Breaks to Enhance Productivity

In our relentless pursuit of productivity, we often forget the paradoxical power of taking breaks. Mindful pauses can significantly boost both your mental clarity and your output. Here’s how you can harness this power: Understanding the Need for Breaks: Our brains aren’t designed for extended periods of concentration. Studies show that brief diversions vastly improve our ability to focus on tasks for prolonged periods. Types of Mindful Breaks: Mini Meditation and Deep Breathing: Spend 5-10 minutes in meditation or practicing […]


22 Apr

Time Well Spent: Secrets to Effective Time Management Without the Stress

Mastering time management is essential, not just for productivity but for maintaining peace of mind. Here are strategies to manage your time effectively without adding stress to your life: Establish Clear Priorities: Understand what truly matters by setting clear priorities. Use tools like the Eisenhower Box or the book Eat that Frog to distinguish between urgent and important tasks, and focus on what advances your goals. Batch Similar Tasks: Group similar tasks together to streamline your workflow. This reduces the […]


15 Apr

Finding Harmony: Simple Ways to Balance Your Daily Routine

In today’s fast-paced world, maintaining a balanced daily routine is more challenging than ever, but it’s also more important. Balancing your daily routine doesn’t just reduce stress; it enhances your overall well-being. Here’s how you can create harmony every day: Set Clear Priorities: Begin by defining what truly matters to you. Identify the non-negotiables in your life and allocate time to these aspects first. Create a Structured Daily Plan: Utilize tools like digital calendars or planners to map out your […]


8 Mar

Celebrate Womanhood: Empowering Ways to Honor Yourself and the Women in Your Life

Today, more than ever, celebrating womanhood means recognizing our strengths, achievements, and the incredible impact we have on the world around us. International Women’s Day isn’t just a day; it’s a reminder of the resilience, grace, and power that women possess. In this post, we’ll explore meaningful ways to celebrate ourselves and the remarkable women in our lives, ensuring every day feels like Women’s Day. Celebrate Your Achievements Reflect on Your Journey Take time to reflect on your achievements, no […]


15 Jan

Keeping the Momentum: Staying True to Your Yearly Goals

As we venture deeper into January, the initial excitement of New Year’s resolutions may start to wane. It’s a common experience – we begin the year with high aspirations, but soon, old habits creep back in. Let’s talk about how to keep the momentum and stay committed to our goals throughout the year. Understanding the Challenge It’s normal to feel a dip in motivation after the first few weeks of the year. The key is to anticipate this and have […]


31 Dec

Embracing 2024: Reflect, Learn, and Grow with Intention

Happy New Year, beautiful souls and happy 123123 Day!!! As we step into 2024, it’s the perfect time to pause, reflect, and set intentions for the journey ahead. This process isn’t just about making resolutions; it’s about learning from our past experiences and choosing a path that aligns with our deepest values and desires. Reflecting on the Past Year Reflection is the first step towards meaningful growth. Take some time to consider the following: Celebrating Your Wins: Identify the moments […]


12 Nov

Cultivating a Heart of Gratitude: Daily Practices for a Joyful Life

As we journey through life, the practice of gratitude can transform our everyday experiences into moments of deep appreciation and joy. Gratitude isn’t just a feeling; it’s a practice that, when incorporated into our daily lives, can have profound effects on our well-being and outlook. The Benefits of Practicing Gratitude Enhanced Mental Health: Regular gratitude practice is linked to increased happiness and reduced depression. Improved Physical Health: Grateful people often experience fewer aches and pains and are more likely to […]


13 Oct

Faith-Filled Planning: The Key to Success and Fulfillment in Life

Do you believe that planning is an expression of faith? Christian Santiago said in his book, ‘Born to Rule, that “planning is one of the highest physical expressions of faith,” and I couldn’t agree more. In this article, we’ll explore the profound connection between planning, faith, and how failing to plan can indeed lead to planning to fail. The Power of Faith-Filled Planning In our fast-paced lives, it’s easy to get caught up in the chaos of the moment and […]


1 Oct

September Podcast Episode Recap

In September, the Holistic Mama Speaks Podcast featured four amazing guests! In the September 9th episode of the Holistic Mama Speaks Podcast, Carrie Marie engages in a heartfelt and enlightening conversation with a trio of special guests: Joann Malanga, Christine Bernat, and Melissa Moon. Together, they explore the compelling and liberating theme of “Embracing Imperfections – Mama, It’s Okay to Let Go of Perfection.” This episode is a beacon of support and empowerment for mothers everywhere, as it delves into […]


5 Sep

10 Tips for a Smooth Back-to-School Transition for Moms and Kids

As the summer break comes to an end, it’s time to gear up for a new school year. Whether you have young kids heading off to elementary school or teenagers entering high school, and whether you’re a working mom or a stay-at-home parent, this blog post is here to help you make the transition smoother for everyone in the family. Set Up a Back-to-School Routine For Young Kids: Create a visual schedule with pictures or stickers to help them understand […]


1 Sep

August Podcast Episode Recap

In August, the Holistic Mama Speaks Podcast featured five amazing guests! In the August 12th episode of the Holistic Mama Speaks Podcast, Carrie Marie engages in a heartfelt and enlightening conversation with a special guest who holds a unique place in her heart: Jennie Potter. Jennie, not only a returning guest from season 1 but also a close friend and mentor to Carrie Marie, joins the podcast to explore a powerful topic—Emotion Liberation: Coping and Releasing with Grace—an episode title […]